Vinnie Adams

I have dealt with many lenders over the years, between here in Baltimore - where i am a new native - back in NY, where I'm from originally. In all of that time, there are very few to compare to the experience we had with Samson and Norcom. From the very first conversation, he communicated confidence, knowledge and a positive, hopeful outlook that could make even the most fiscally challenged candidate feel like anything is possible. But not is a 'used car salesman' kind of way, but in a genuine, carefully thought out responsive way. He dispelled notions presented to me by many naysayer lenders, gave me solid referrals for things definitively out of his jurisdiction. He opened a door to a possible refinance on my home in NY in a way that i felt no one else took the time to figure out on our behalf. His style is one of servitude, urgency and accuracy - but never once in the midst of all of the stressors in our Maryland home buying process, did I ever 'hear' him break a sweat. We never met face to face until the actual closing, but it so didn't matter because Samson has a way of making you feel like you're really dealing with a 'friend in your corner'. He won't blow you smoke just to wrangle a commission, but truly earns every dollar he makes in Customer Service alone. I wish that everyone could have a Samson for their deal because his knowledge far surpasses his experience. For those who may be trapped in thinking that the number of years experience translates automatically into a great lending experience, I offer challenge to you that Samson Doyle can stand with the best of them - even twice as long in the business. Give him a call and you'll see, like we did, that he's definitely a keeper.

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